Classic natural lash extensions     £50 Maintenance every 3 weeks  £30

Hybrid Lash Extensions     £60

Maintenance every 3 weeks   £30 

Russian Volume Lash Extensions  £70

Maintenance after 3 weeks                     £30 

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Natural Lashes

Classic natural lashes are the allocation of one lash extension applied to one natural lash, this gives a subtle natural look to give the appearance of gorgeous natural lashes.

Each client is different and for that reason I stock many different size, length and shaped lashes to suit you.

Hybrid Lash Extensions 

Hybrid Lash extensions are a mixture of russian volume lashes and individual lash extensions.

perfect for anyone wanting a little extra while still appearing natural.

Russian Volume lashes

Our volume lashes are fans on multiple light weight synthetic lash extensions. Each fan is hand made by Shelley while applying your lashes to offer volume giving a glamorous end result. Each customer is different so I always stock different length and curls of lashes to suit every individuals look.




Eyelash extensions are a great way of enhancing your eyes. There are many forms of lash extensions but semi permanent lashes are great for long term use keeping you looking beautified all year round. with correct aftercare your lashes should last for 4 weeks and to enjoy your lashes daily then infills are required every 3 weeks to maintain your luscious look. 

Important: All new clients require a patch test at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment, without a patch test unfortunately we can not carry out your treatment. When you come for your patch test a £10 non-refundable payment is taken, and will be used against your treatment cost,  this payment will only be refunded if the patch test shows irritation and we are unable to proceed with your treatment.