With around a decade of experience in PMU and in teaching the subject, Shelley holds a recognised VTCT level 4 qualification in micropigmentation. Shelley uses a range of different techniques and skills. Some less commonly known or used in the UK today, to create a look suitable for each individual customer. 

techniques available are.

Softap. Softap is an age old technique to implant pigment manually into the skin. its the most gentle form of PMU. this is particularly good for anxious customers that tend to be more sensitive.

PMU Machine. This method is the most common method of implanting pigments into skin. Similar to other tattoo machines our specially created semi-permanent makeup machine uses tiny needles in a cartridge to implant pigments into the skin. This method is more commonly used to create block finishes for brows, lips and eyeliner.

Microblading. Microblading when performed by an experienced professional is a great way of creating a natural looking hair stroke brow. this method uses a short formation of tiny needles to glide over the skin creating hair stokes. this method can be combined with Softap or Machine PMU when required to shade through sparse brows giving a more natural finish.

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